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Every child needs a vintage sledge for Christmas, adults too


There is nothing like an original vintage wooden sledge to stir up nostalgic feelings.  Having tried a few of these over the years too we can vouch that they are far better than any modern day sledging equivalent.


This vintage sledges are made of solid wood with metal runners.  They're in a lovely vintage condition.  It has an unusual shape too,  We've never seen one quite like this before.


Perfect to use for their intended purpose, great decorative item under a Christmas tree or decorated outside a front door or porch.  We've also know these to be used as stools or coffee tables in homes, yurts, glamping tents and man-sheds.  Every home needs a vintage sledge.


Size: L180mm x W330mm x D200mm

Unusual Original Vintage Sledge

SKU: SD63218-10
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