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**Stoneware Storage Jar - Cheddar - Collectible Brown Mid-Century Piece**

Introducing a beautifully crafted brown stoneware storage jar for Cheddar, complete with its original lid and hailing from the early to mid-20th century. This collectible stoneware storage jar adds a rustic charm to your table setting, making it both a functional and decorative item.


The brown stoneware storage jar features clear, under-glazed black transfer print typography, ensuring its elegance stands the test of time. With dimensions of 12.5cm by 7cm including the lid, it’s perfectly sized for display and practical use.


In overall excellent vintage condition, this brown stoneware storage jar is an essential piece for any vintage kitchen or dining room. Its unique design and historical value make it a treasured item for collectors and Cheddar enthusiasts alike.

Stoneware Storage Jar - Cheddar - Vintage

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