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Reindeer hides are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  They look beautiful on the floor, drapped over a chair or hanging on a wall.  Outside on a wall, bench or chair, as well as being used to cover inside of log cabins, on walls, floors and seats.  Each skin is unique with luxurious markings and super soft fur.The hollow hair means they are perfect for heat efficiency.


Eco Friendly and sustainable - Reindeer herders originate from the Sámi people nomadic tribes travelling the fells of Sweden, Norway and spreading to Finland in rhythm with the seasons. The reindeer provide meat, milk and raw materials for clothes and tools. Reindeer is still as important today to the Sámi peoples culture and their very existence making Reindeer Hides an Eco-Friendly and sustainable product.


Product details - Best quality. Approx Size:  106cm x 82cm

Reindeer Hide Rug

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