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Cornwall can feel a bit out on a limb with regards to Instagram. It's far away from the glitz and glamour of a big city and lots of Instagram events are a good train journey away. I am sure you'll agree though that this doesn't make you any less interested in the inner workings of Instagram or any less keen to meet up with follow Instagrammers.


My name is Louisa and I have been visiting Boscrowan in Heamor, Cornwall regularly since I honeymooned in Peace and Plenty in 2005. Over the years I have build up a special friendship with Elizabeth at Boscrowan and it has a very special place in my heart. It is hard to believe that social media wasn't really a thing back in 2005. I have spent many years getting to grips with social media and Instagram is my social media platform of choice. It's ideal for promoting businesses, generating revenue and finding inspiration. Using Instagram is not a dark art but it does help if you know how to utilise it to your advantage. I have spent some time getting to grips with it and now Instagram really works for me; last year I decided to share my home through the eye of the camera on Instagram. I had a limiting belief that nobody would be interested but I was quite wrong. In such a short amount of time my followers and interactions have rapidly increased. I am on a fascinating learning curve - there is so much I've learnt and so much still to learn.


I have started running regular Insta Meets in my home county of Norfolk and when I suggested to Elizabeth I could run one in Cornwall she felt it would be a good idea.


Elizabeth and I would like to invite you  to an Insta social for Instagram chat and inspiration.  Whether you use Instagram for a small business or as a hobby this will be an opportunity to meet other Instagrammers and leave feeling inspired.  


Venue:  Boscrowan, Heamor

Date:  Wednesday 20th February,

Time:  10am - 1pm


Places are limited.


Cornwall Insta Meet - Wednesday 20th February 2019

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