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We have two early 1900s beer crates belonging to the famous stout brand Reid's Special Stout.

They are just fabulous. They're made from very heavy pine and incredibly strong and sturdy. They're branded - Reid's Special Stout, Watney's Pale Ale and WCR & Co. Ltd. They're perfect for storing beer bottles (the size of Budweiser) or as an interested object with stories to tell. To think of all bottles they have carried! For their age they are in a good condition but as you would expect they do have wear & tear and are far from perfect but are still very usable.


A couple of interesting facts: In February 1961 Guinness paid Reid's £28 000, equivalent to over £400k today to stop producing their stout. Reid's original brewery was in the aptly named Liquor Pond Street, London.



53cm x33cm x 24cm

Watney's Pale Ale Vintage Crate