We find vintage gardening books both beautiful and fascinating.

It’s exciting to find titles from years ago, including some over 100 years old such as Some Curious Plants by FM Duncan and How to grow Chrysanthemums by James Clayton.

All of the books are in a used vintage condition which makes them all the better for it.

Titles available from top:

Some Curious Plants by F.M. & L.T Duncan, 1922

How to Grow Chrysanthemums by James Clayton, 1916

Rock Gardens by Douglas Bartrum, 1971

Roses in Colour and Cultivation by T.C Mansfield 1946

Miniature Chrysanthemums and Koreans by Roy Genders, 1961

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Modern Fruit Growing by W.R. Seabrook, 1956

My Garden Choice by Theo A. Stephens and A. T. Johnson, 1950

Amateur Gardening Photo Album of Garden Plants, 1961p

Vintage Gardening Books

Vntage Gardening Books