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"‘In 1936 Allen Lane, the founder of Penguin, overheard a woman at a bookstall in King’s Cross station asking for ‘one of those Pelican books’.

Presumably she was looking for a Penguin, but Lane, concerned that his competitors might snatch up bird names, decided to launch a new flock of non-fiction books. The Pelican imprint was born.’ -

This is an attractive collection of mid-century Pelican books with vibrant turquoise & white covers all with music themes, all by Ralph Hill (except British Music of our Time - A. L. Bacharach). There are 5 paperback books in this bundle:

The Symphony x 2 (1946 & 1956)

Music 1951 (1951)

The Concerto (1952)

British Music of our Time (1946)

Whether to read or merely for display this is a collection of five delightful vintage paperback turquoise blue bound books."

Turquoise Pelican Music Book Bundle

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