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Discover a delightful piece of culinary history with this vintage cookbook, "The Hostess Cookbook" by Helen Cox, printed in 1952. This first edition gem is a fun and fascinating read, capturing the essence of 1950s domestic life. Aimed at the career woman of its time, this vintage cookbook provides insightful tips and split-second timing techniques to prepare a dinner party after a busy day at work.


With charmingly titled menus like "The Business Woman's Buffet Summer," this vintage cookbook offers a nostalgic glimpse into the past. The whimsical line drawings by Russell Clark add to the book's unique appeal.


While the book may show signs of vintage wear, the content inside is a treasure trove of social history and pure entertainment. 


We always leave in the clippings and extra recipes found loose in the book, adding to its unique charm and authenticity. Dive into "The Hostess Cookbook" and experience the vintage charm that continues to captivate readers today.


An interesting, fun book in a used & timeworn condition.

The Hostess Cookbook by Helen Cox - 1952 First Edition

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