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Experience timeless elegance with Spode Herb & Spice Jars from the vintage Blue Room Collection. These exquisite jars, including designs for mint and rosemary, are sold separately, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style for your kitchen.


Originally part of an early collection, these Spode Herb & Spice Jars were faithfully reproduced in the 1990s. Each jar stands approximately 10.7cm (4.25") tall with the lid on and has a top diameter perfect for easy access and storage.


The Spode Herb & Spice Jars are not only practical but also a beautiful addition to any kitchen decor. Featuring the classic Blue Room Collection designs, these jars bring a touch of vintage charm to your home. Crafted with attention to detail, they ensure your herbs and spices remain fresh and flavourful.


Add a piece of history to your kitchen with Spode Herb & Spice Jars.  Whether you're storing mint, rosemary, or any other spice, these jars provide the ideal solution. Elevate your culinary space with these unique and stylish storage options from Spode.


Both jars are in a perfect condition.

Spode Herb Spice Jars The Blue Room Collection Mint Rosemary

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