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L'Héritier Guyot Frog Ashtray - This is a lovely old frog ashtray, made by L'Heritier Guyot Dijon to advertise their brand. L'Heritier Guyot Dijon is a famous French Dijon brand who are famous for creme de cassis liquor. These old frog ashtrays are very sought after and although this is a term we really hate using this ashtray is quite rare.  On the odd occassion when we have seen these ashtrays previously they have been on a terrible condition, unlike this one.


L'Héritier Guyot Frog Ashtray was made up until the 1950's.


This frog ashtray is in an amazing condition.  There us a minute hairline crack on the base which does not go all the way through and is less than 4mm long and at the end of the left back leg a small area of ceramic feels rougher than the rest of the smooth glaze.  Both very minor points but worth mentioning.


An adorable piece of French history and a true collectable.


L'Héritier Ceramic Guyot Frog Ashtray size:  L20cm x 13cm x 10cm


We are happy to ship worldwide.  Please contact us for details.




L'Héritier Ceramic Guyot Frog Ashtray

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