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Galvanised zinc planters - baths.  

As a rule we like to bring you vintage items which are in a great condition.  These galvanised baths fall slightly short of our usual standard and the prices reflects that.  All of these galvanised zinc planter baths are in a very usable condition but have minor flaws such as rust holes in the base, slight splits along the seam etc.  They are all still sturdy, strong and fit for purpose.

These galvanised zinc planters - baths make perfect planters for garden bulbs, herbs and container plants. 

Varying sizes available:

A. 50cm x 40cm x H21cm - front left
C. 63cm x 44cm x H24cm - top middle
D. 60cm x 47cm x H26cm - top left
E. 62cm x 48cm x H25cm - top right

Delivery £10

Galvanised Zinc Planters Baths

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