In today's society we're encourage to drink so mcuch water everyday and what better encouragement than to have a French vintage water carafe on your desk, dining table, bedside or coffee table.


French vintage carafes remind us of lazy days in French cafes and bars, taking shade and shelter from the midday sun; every French bar and cafe table would be adourned with water carafes promoting their favourite aperetif pastis brand.


We have a few of these fabulous clear glass with yellow and blue detail Annisette Pernod water carafes.   The have a wonderful shape and a quirky lip.  These water carafes are all clean and ready to use.  Mild signs of vintage wear may be visible but nothing that detracts from their fabulousness and practicality.  


French Vintage Anisette Pernod Water CarafeSize: H16cm x 9cm

French Vintage Anisette Pernod Water Carafe