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Black painted wooden chest trunk blanket box made of mahogany with original black paint externally and metal iron straps.


This trunk is very battered and worn but there are no signs of woodworm.  Is is a very characterful trunk with fabulous patina.  Upon the trunk are originak faded stencils - T.W. Hickey 17/21 Lancers, Meerut.  Our research tells us that Hickey was in the 17/21 Lancers in the 1930's serving as a RSM Warrant Officer.  It was during this time that the 17/21 Lancers were serving in Meerut, India.


This is perfect to use as a coffee table, toy box, blanket box....


Large Black Painted Wooden Chest Trunk Blanket Box size: L920mm x D610mm x H450mm

Old Black Vintage Painted Chest Trunk Blanket Box Hickey

SKU: SD110918-40