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We re fascinated and drawn to servants kitchens in stately homes.  They are so well equipped and there is a piece of kitchenalia for every possible culinary occasion.  We think this is why we're so attracted to copper pans, moulds and utensils; they are beautiful to the eyes and aesthetically pleasing to use.  


This attractive copper mould would look quite at home in a servants kitchen and equally as nice in an modern everyday home.   It has a beautiful shape and a wonderful patina. It does have vintage wear and tear as you would expect but there are no major dinks. There are signs of discolouration inside and out.  We don't like our copper too shiny which is why we haven't buffed it but we're sure it would shine up beautifully if it was given a thorough polish and buff. 


Size:  W22cm x H14cm



Copper Mould

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